"Brenda was fabulous - very low key - not pushy at all.  We really enjoyed working with her.   This was a very smooth sale. We are very please with our new home and would definitely recommend Brenda to our friends!"    - Nadine & Ian

"Brenda, I can't even put to words the way you have once again touched my heart. How did you know? I adore Brenda.  My first Christmas, in my first home! I couldn't have had a moment of it without you!"   -Anita

"Thank you for having the patience to stick with us until we sold our house and purchased our new home.  We are settling in well and really enjoy Grimsby.  Thank you to the girls on the phone who were always cheerful and accommodating!  -Judy and Don

It was such a pleasure to work with you with your expertise and eye for detail.  Today's market is fast but you both rose to the challenge and made this transition seamless. You both were always available for ideas, tips and to answer any questions that came up." - Leslie
“ I had passed along your contact information to my parents. I wanted them to have the absolute best. You have taken such incredible care of me over the years - I can not ever thank you enough. I know no one else can give them the quality and exceptional knowledge that you have! Next time I make a move you know I will be calling you!!” -Jocelyne

"If you are looking for someone to represent you in the purchase or sale of your home, you will not find a better team to work with than the Ontario Property Pros.  They are hard-working, dedicated, friendly, kind, and knowledgeable! Thanks again for making our home ownership dreams come true!” -Adam and Andrea

"Kristine, you have been outstanding over the last three days. And so I will refer your name when an opportunity arises. It was awesome meeting you. Thanks again."  -Patricia

Anna Sophia the fact that you made the time during each week and listened to me and valued my opinions I won't soon forget. Even though I could not repay you back in a way I find to be acceptable I have no doubt in my mind that you are someone whom I would not only recomend but will return too in the future when I am ready. If someone asks if I know a good agent your name will be the first and only one to leave my mouth. Even though it is your job you used your gas and your own vehicle to transport both me and my mother despite having to make space for my mother in the back which made me respect you even more. I thought "Here is someone I want to have help me and others find a house."  You were honest with me and my family about terms and conditions from the beginning and did not try to hide anything. This really made an impression on me. Other agents I met neglected to tell me very important details and didn't even contact me until 2 weeks later to see if I was still looking which brings me to my next point.... I never had any communication problems with you. From early morning and until late at night I could always reach you. Again this speaks to your character as someone who works for their client and goes above and beyond expectation. You never forced sales upon me either. Even if it is your job and your under contract you always would give your honest and upfront opinion about any property visited. I liked that as I felt like I could consult you easily or have you relate directly to the showings that me and my mom went too. I will 100% return in the future for sure and look forward to working with you again!"   -Martin